And The Results Are In!

It’s finally May! The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, the pollen is making me incredibly congested, and the results are in from our senior survey! If you’ve been following the blog all year, you know that I’ve been posting an awful lot about graduate school admissions – after all, I am a senior and I did spend most of the year freaking out about (err…I mean, calmly contemplating) the graduate admissions process, and trying to help my fellow seniors and the posterity of our club by writing about the process, so that when admissions season rolls around again next year, you can all worry slightly less!

Anyway, when I was applying, one of the things I was worried about was whether I, as a Rutgers student, stood a chance in the admissions process. Rutgers has no communication disorders program; and while the linguistics and psychology departments are gradually adding classes useful to future SLPs and AuDs, we’re still a long way from having as much of a background as people who majored in ComDis as undergrads. It turns out that I had nothing to worry about! Rutgers students are faring quite well in terms of getting into grad school.

Recently, I’ve been incessantly asking seniors in our club to fill out the senior survey which asks about grad school and their plans for the future. Since our club is still quite small, I only got six replies – however, six replies is good enough to paint a general picture that will hopefully ease future applicant’s fear. Without further ado, the results:

This academic year, 100% of the people who took the survey applied to graduate school.

  • Of those people, each applied to an average of four schools – with the most number of people applying to seven schools
  • Five out of the six people who filled out the survey were accepted to at least one graduate program, with most people being accepted to at least two
  • Most people were waitlisted or rejected from at least one of the schools that they applied to
  • Out of six participants, five are beginning graduate school in the fall
  • All of the participants in the survey feel that the speech and hearing club has been helpful to them throughout the graduate applications process
    • The most helpful things that the club did were having guest speakers and informative blog posts (yay – someone reads them!)
    • The thing that people feel the club most needs to improve on is attendance at meetings

And that just about wraps it up! Hopefully, these stats have calmed some of your worries about applying to grad school! As you can see, Rutgers students are faring well in the admissions process – a graduate education is within reach if you work hard!

This will be my last blog post as your media manager/secretary/historian/whatever other title I might have. It has been an honor serving all of you. I hope that throughout the year, this blog and website (as well as our FB pages) have been useful in helping you reach your goals. I am now passing on this website and blog to next year’s media manager/historian, Faith. I hope that you will be a captive audience to her content next academic year!

With love,


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