Speech and Hearing Classes: Fall 2017

Hello everyone! Fall class registration is just around the corner (it begins on Sunday, March 26th, see official registration schedule here). Here is a list of speech and hearing-related classes that will be available next semester:

In the Linguistics Department:

Audiology –  An introduction to the profession and practice of audiology through an overview of anatomy and physiology of the auditory system, physical properties of sound relevant to hearing assessment, techniques for hearing assessment, and auditory disorders. Furthermore, it covers the prerequisite content to pursue a higher-level degree in the speech and hearing sciences. This course is only being offered in the fall semester, and is online. Online course support fees have been decreased from $100 to $60, so take advantage of this discount and register!

Phonetics – This course looks at the articulatory mechanisms of speech, the physical characteristics of speech sounds, and allows students to practice description and transcription of the sounds of the world’s languages. The course will be available only during the fall semester. If you are graduating in May 2018 and would like to take this course, please register for it ASAP.  

Linguistics of Signed Languages – An elective course covering the structure of natural signed languages spoken around the world and the essentials of signed language phonology, syntax, and semantics. As far as I know, it is only being offered this upcoming fall.


In the Psychology Department:

Psychology of Language – This course looks at the production, perception, and acquisition of language at the level of sound (phonology), words (morphology and the lexicon), and grammar (syntax). It is only offered in the fall semester. 


*All course descriptions are taken from the respective department’s website. For sample course syllabi, check out our course syllabi page.*

Do you know of any other courses in the speech and hearing sciences at RU? Please let us know in the comments below!




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