Chapter Seven: Always Remember to Hit Submit!

When we last left our hero, Sir Stu Dent had requested letters of recommendation and sent his official transcripts, via carrier pigeon, to his schools of choice.

His next step was to make sure that he “hit submit” on all of his graduate forms – a very important step if he wanted any of his hard work in the last few months to count. He would also have to pay his application fees, or escape them through a fee waiver.

When all was said and done, Sir Stu was relieved! He had finished his graduate applications!

One last thing that Sir Stu had been doing, which was not mentioned nearly enough in earlier accounts of his tale, was visiting schools by attending their Graduate Open Houses. He found out the dates of these Open Houses by checking the calendar on our website right here, or by checking his prospective schools’ websites. These Open Houses were wonderful, providing him with much information about each school’s program, and sometimes even giving him an application fee waiver.

Now that the applications process was officially over for Sir Stu, and all of the heads on the many-headed graduate school monsters had been fed with their requisite “foods,” Stu would have to wait until late March to April (and perhaps even May?) to receive notice of which beasts he had befriended. Stu had a few that he particularly liked, and hoped to be able to chose among those. But in the meantime, Stu could focus all of his energies on ending his undergraduate education on a high note!

And so, Sir Stu’s journey ends here.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this little series and found it useful!

Click here to see a color-coded, chronologically-ordered checklist about graduate school applications.


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